• Type: Medium
  • Max level: 120 and 120 point
  • Alchemy/sash/pet/mount/skill system
  • 14 dungeons
  • New maps (including M1 and M2). All mobs have been rearranged.
  • Many facilities so that the gameplay is pleasant.
  • The entire panel and options are available under the TAB key
Entrance to the dungeons


  • All dungeons are available for one person, group and waiting room.
  • After leaving, you can return within 5 minutes.
  • All entrances are on the fishing map.
  • Available player panel in each dungeon
  • Dungeon event system available.
  • Time Ranking.
  • A unique chest is available on every dungeon. It can be opened with a hard-to-reach unique key.
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  • Voice chat
  • Wystarczy wcisnąć klawisz "V"
  • Osoby w Twoim zasięgu będą Cię słyszały

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  • Nowe 7 skill dla wojownika
  • Nowe 7 skill dla ninji
  • Nowe 7 skill dla sury
  • Nowe 7 skill dla szamana

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  • Infinite number of items
  • Possibility to buy / sell on any map
  • System for submitting individual offers
  • Auction system

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  • Quick change of bonus points
  • Ability to change bonuses on many items
  • After changing the bonus, the system sends a message
  • History of bonus points changes

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  • Everything at hand in one place [TAB]
  • Teleport and position saving
  • Change channel
  • Many other

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  • Earn money on referrals
  • Collect your users
  • Check your channel stats
  • Receive rewards from us

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  • Set an individual skill color
  • The system works from the m1 skill
  • New skill system from g1 to p

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  • New bookmark system
  • 6 new categories
  • Possibility to equip 6 talismans
  • Automatic place for potions

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  • PETS
  • Maksymalny 120 poziom
  • Skille

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  • Umięjętności pasywne
  • Kowalstwo
  • Łowca nagród
  • Łowca potworów
  • Łowca głów
  • Biolog

Item Zbroja Z Czarnej Stali+9 Item Ubranie Czarn. Wiatru+9 Item Zbr. Płyt. Czar. Magii+9 Item Czarna Szata+9
Item Zbroja Z Nieb. Stali+9 Item Ubranie Nieb. Smoka+9 Item Zbroja Płytowa Aury+9 Item Szata Smoka+9
Item Pancerz Diabel. Rogu+9 Item Szata Smoczego Jeźdźca+9 Item Pancerz Kościopłytowy+9 Item Złote Ubranie+9
Item Panc. Deszczu Popiołu+9 Item Ubr. Śmiertelnej Nocy+9 Item Pancerz Czarnego Ognia+9 Item Szata Księżyca+9
Item Cyjanitowa Zbroja+9 Item Cyjanitowe Ubranie+9 Item Cyjanitowa Płyta+9 Item Cyjanitowe Szaty+9
Item Pancerz Duszy W.+9 Item Pancerz Duszy N.+9 Item Pancerz Duszy S.+9 Item Pancerz Duszy Sz.+9
Item Pancerz Władcy W.+9 Item Pancerz Władcy N.+9 Item Pancerz Władcy S.+9 Item Pancerz Władcy Sz.+9

Simplified alchemy with new bonuses


Talisman for all elements, you can wear 6 pieces at the same time.


Potions all add up, you can turn their effect on and off


New biologist missions with new bonuses. Each mission increases your permanent bonus points.


The seeker is looking for valuable items, do them to increase strength against monsters


Go to the mine and mine the ore. Increase your jewelry stats.


Find cloths and create a unique sash that will increase your bonuses.


Same-sex marriage possible.


You can store potions in the belt, using the "u" key will use them all simultaneously. Belt slots are in the inventory tab.


There is a mount system, get the mount amulet and then go to the stable. Mounts have their own bonuses that are random.

Permanent Item Shop

All items in the shop have no time effect.


System of pets and common animals. Available in-game and in the store.


There are several missions available, you can fish, hunt monsters, craft items and much more.


Nowy system tworzenia przedmiotów, stwórz toggle rosy

System of souls

Collect soul stones that give bonus damage and skills.